A mature man’s ramblings on style and lifestyle choices

Welcome to manshands.co.uk and my first blog.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years and always found a reason to put off, but now the time has come to share my thoughts and insights on all things style, grooming and lifestyle that are relevant to a middle-aged British male in the twenties (and I don’t mean the era of flappers and silent movies).

You can find a little more about me, the man, and my motivations, in my profile and I’m sure you’ll gain a greater insight into my psyche as this blog develops.

For sure I’m not a grumpy old man (although I can have my moments) and I will do my utmost to keep my posts and observations upbeat and positive, although I’m sure some reticence and melancholy may creep in on occasion.

I intend to bring attention to and comment on events, fashions, new technologies, products, services and anything else that takes my fancy, with specific emphasis on…

Mature Fashion – definitely not fleeces, M&S and comfort and practicality over style.

Male Grooming – the older you get the more you find hair in all the wrong places.

Male & Gender Neutral Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care – it’s never too late to dump the High Street brands and switch to more eco-conscious, natural and ethical products, produced in small batches by artisan producers.

Mature Lifestyle – and we’re not talking Saga Holidays, Bowls Clubs and the National Trust.

Travel – I’ve been a few places of interest, seen some stunning sights and met some fascinating people, but this won’t be one long holiday served up as a travel blog/holiday diary.

Topics of interest to the more mature man – I promise no pensions, tax concerns, Toyotas, gardening or model railways.

Over time you will find that I may not be a “regular” sort of guy, but I hope you’ll find my outpourings fun, informative and uplifting. I welcome comments and feedback and/or any ideas you may have for products, subjects or topics I can address.

If you are still reading at this point I must be doing something right, so please feel free to follow me and tell all your friends too (they don’t have to be middle-aged men as there’ll also be lots of wisdom for a younger audience).

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